There is much more to the world than the area you call your comfort zone. Visiting new cities and countries can help you step out of the comfort zone you limit yourself to. Admittedly, stepping out of this comfort zone is challenging and requires a degree of openness, but visiting new cities feeds the curiosity of one’s soul.

Travelling to new cities, witnessing new cultures and their people helps one learn about the diversity of lifestyles around us. It also helps generate open mindedness and tolerance of other ethnicities and ways of living. Experiencing the new city’s cuisine, beverages, historical treasures and leisure activities helps you grow fundamentally. Growing as a person is very important in life, as Carl Rogers said.

Travelling to new places can give you a thrill of excitement, help you de-stress and relax. Getting in touch with both the beauty of nature and the rich history of different countries helps one ponder and get in touch with the inner self. Getting in touch with our inner selves helps us grow as human beings.

…Open your eyes, step out of the zone you limit yourself to and explore what has been around you all this time.


– Danica Cassar is a second year psychology student at the University of Malta. Her main interest in the field is play therapy and looks to further her career in the sector. Danica is an intern at