Deloitte carried out a global survey in 2022 addressing why young people are choosing to leave their jobs after only spending a few years in it. Burnout was found to be one of the top 3 reasons why they do so. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed by our jobs that we see no other way out except for quitting. However, the question then arises if it is actually best to move on? Will quitting fix your burnout? The short answer might surprise you because it is a no.

Will quitting fix your burnout?

Quitting tends to cause us more stress due to the financial burden it brings with it of not having an income. As well as this, searching for a new job, and interviewing for the new job can also cause us to feel more stress. Thus, while quitting might seem like the easiest escape, it might be the best solution to your burnout. Burnout is a cycle which, if not tackled, can repeat itself at your next workplace.

Tackling Burnout

If you are happy at your current job but feel burnt out, it is important to focus on tackling the burnout first. It is essential that we make significant changes to how we work to prevent us from having another burnout. This is the main reason why we shouldn’t just quit our job since if you aren’t aware what is causing you to burnout, then you will likely repeat the cycle again.

Check in with yourself

Thus, instead, check in with yourself by asking the following questions: What triggers your negative moods and bad habits? Do you like where your job is leading you? Will the busy season subside? Are you relatively happy at the workplace? These types of questions will help you determine whether you should stay in your current job or move on. Ultimately, the work you do needs to align with the fundamental lifestyle you wish to lead. 

Once you have asked these questions to yourself, and you choose that you actually want to stay, then tackling the burnout through changes will be the first step to take. However, if you have asked yourself these questions and you feel unsatisfied with your answers, then starting to look somewhere else for a job might be the step that will benefit you. In the end, you need to decide what will be best for you and your future. 

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Mandy Brincat is a Gestalt psychotherapist who enjoys working therapeutically with adults on various issues, such as general mental health and wellbeing. She also has experience working with children with anxiety and day to day stressful problems, and on relational issues with couples.


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