How many times have you heard or wondered about why someone is afraid of particularly common objects such as peach’s, kiwi’s, cockroaches, injections or thunder? These are examples of what we call specific phobias. Specific phobias fall under the umbrella term of anxiety, as phobias are rooted in fear.

So what are the symptoms of having a specific phobia? The most significant symptom is extreme fear of a common situation and/or objects. The individual cannot connect the dots as to why the fear exists, this this behaviour makes no sense to the individual. One tends to feel powerless due to this fear in which the anticipation of perceived fear would cause an enormous amount of anxiety. Individuals who experience specific phobias tend to have more than one phobia which induces crying, clinging to another individual, avoiding behaviour and stiffening. This obviously interrupts in the individual’s day-to-day functioning which tends to put a strain on one’s work and personal lifestyle.

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