Relationships are never perfect, they all go through ups and downs and the way you deal with the downs is very important, and will determine whether your relationship can have a chance to survive. In the next two blogs I will discuss some things you can do to help see you through a tough patch.

  1. Accept, admit and start working on the issues you are facing.

When you start having problems in the relationship, don’t ignore them or start pointing fingers and putting the blame on your partner. All this leads to is anger and frustration and things being said which you later might regret. Instead it’s best to turn to your partner and admit and acknowledge that there is a problem and agree to deal with it together instead of against each other.

  1. Look at what might be causing the problem

Look around you and try to identify if there are external stressors that are coming into play in your relationship. For a lot of couples it is the responsibility of an expanding family, or the accumulating debt, or the burden of looking after an aging family member etc… Once you can identify these stressors, you need to try and find solutions together.

I will continue speaking about how a couple can survive rocky times in the next blog post.


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