Willingness|What is Relational Psychotherapy?

What is Relational Psychotherapy?

Relational psychotherapy is a relationship-focused therapy that draws heavily from psychoanalytic therapy. Relational therapists use the therapeutic relationship to identify and address the client’s psychological issues. Relational therapy can stand alone as its own integral approach, but this approach can

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Willingness|The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

I’ve been hearing a lot of “What am I doing, this isn’t me, I’m not myself” in therapy lately. As a gestalt therapist, I have a tendency to stick to the word ‘self’ whenever I hear it mentioned. 


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Willingness|An introduction to Gestalt therapy - part I

An introduction to Gestalt therapy – part I


Gestalt psychology is a theory of perception according to which people tend to find meaning and wholeness in everything they perceive. The word gestalt itself comes from the German language and signifies a whole that represents more than a

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Willingness|5 Ways to Ground Yourself

5 Ways to Ground Yourself

Have you ever experienced the feeling of your mind drifting away, following some stray thought in your head, rather than being fully present in the moment? Your answer to this question is almost certainly going to be yes because this

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Willingness|Phenomenology: The heart of Gestalt Psychotherapy

Phenomenology: The heart of Gestalt Psychotherapy

Gestalt psychotherapy is a creative form of talking therapy grounded in rich philosophical roots. It evolved from a revision of psychoanalysis and became an independent and integrated system in itself (Perls, Hefferline, & Goodman, 1951). Phenomenology is a philosophical approach,

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