Willingness | Part 1 - What is Delirium in Old Age

Part 1 – What is Delirium in Old Age

One of the most common disorders in old age is known as Delirium. This is a prevalent disorder that is unfortunately often times misdiagnosed and confused with other conditions with overlapping symptomatologies.

It is a condition associated mostly with a

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Willingness | <strong>What is Movember all about?</strong>

What is Movember all about?

The first idea that comes to mind when seeing the term “Movember” is probably related to “move” or “movement” and the month of November. Indeed, it is a global movement in a way, with the goal of raising awareness and

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Willingness | <strong>6 ways to kill the burnout flames</strong>

6 ways to kill the burnout flames

Burnout is more than simply feeling stressed or overworked at work. We feel extremely exhausted, both physically and mentally, which barely allows us to keep functioning. Thus, causing many harmful health concerns as well as reducing our professional efficacy. 


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Willingness | <strong>Myth-busting - Somatic Symptom Disorders</strong>

Myth-busting – Somatic Symptom Disorders

Individuals with Somatic Symptom Disorders (SSD) are the subject of numerous myths. We frequently hear that the symptoms experienced are ‘all in their brain’. Some people might argue that SSD sufferers are overreacting to little issues. The reality is that

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Willingness | <strong>What are Benzos and why are they used?</strong>

What are Benzos and why are they used?

Have you ever heard of Chlordiazepoxide, Flunitrazepam, Haloxazolam, Nitrazepam, or Tetrazepam? These are some names of medicine called ‘Benzos’ (short for ‘Benzodiazepines’), also known as blues/blueys, sedatives (sleeping pills), or ‘minor tranquilizers’ – this term appears to be misleading when

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Willingness | How to learn to be alone

How to learn to be alone

Coming out of a global pandemic, just recently many people were spending a lot of time alone – during lockdown, in quarantine, …  We are speaking about imposed alone time here. When actually choosing to be alone, there can be

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Willingness | Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Taking your medication as directed in terms of dose, timing, manner, and frequency is  the aspect of adhering to your medication regimen. This is a crucial aspect of taking  medication and simply put, failing to take them as directed by

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