Willingness|How to learn to be alone

How to learn to be alone

Coming out of a global pandemic, just recently many people were spending a lot of time alone – during lockdown, in quarantine, …  We are speaking about imposed alone time here. When actually choosing to be alone, there can be

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Willingness|Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Why You Should Keep Taking Your Meds

Taking your medication as directed in terms of dose, timing, manner, and frequency is  the aspect of adhering to your medication regimen. This is a crucial aspect of taking  medication and simply put, failing to take them as directed by

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Willingness|How do I support a depressed partner?

How do I support a depressed partner?

Supporting a depressed partner can take a significant toll on relationships and cause  loved ones to feel helpless, confused, frustrated, or fearful. Depression is a serious  mental health condition affecting millions of people worldwide each year and is  characterised by

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Willingness|Death anxiety and how to deal with it

Death anxiety and how to deal with it

It is very common for people to experience some anxiety around death. However, for  some people, thinking about death or dying can trigger heightened anxiety, also known  as death anxiety. People may also fear separation, dealing with a loss, or

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Willingness|How can anxiety impact my quality of life?

How can anxiety impact my quality of life?

Anxiety is a natural human response that can be manifested in the form of worrying thoughts, feelings of dread, and physical sensations such as increased heartbeat, tension, sweating, and increased sensitivity to our surroundings. From an evolutionary perspective, anxiety had

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Willingness|Depression: The Silent Killer

Depression: The Silent Killer

We have all heard of the word depression and claim to understand its meaning.  Nevertheless, those suffering from major depressive disorder express that the people  around them do not understand the significance of this condition. When it comes to  depression,

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Willingness|Vitamin C: The Mental Health Vitamin

Vitamin C: The Mental Health Vitamin

Vitamin C is an essential component for healthy brain functioning. Research reports that people who feel fatigued, depressed, or experience a period where their mood is low, found that when they increased their intake of vitamin C to the recommended

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Willingness|Can girls and women have ADHD?

Can girls and women have ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, has been typically associated with young disruptive boys. More recently, there has been evidence suggesting that this stereotype is not accurate: The massive difference in ADHD diagnosis rations between men and women seems to be, at

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Willingness|Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Sleep is a big part of our life: we spend about one-third of our entire life sleeping! That  is because sleep is extremely important for our bodies. It allows our mind to rest and  enhances concentration, memory and focus. In

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