Willingness|What is Play?

What is Play?

What is Play?

Play is an activity that is chosen by the child and is also directed by the child. There is an intrinsic motivation to engage in this activity and it is also guided by mental rules whilst being

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Willingness|Meet Daring Danica

Meet Daring Danica

The words; loyal, passionate and professional can be used to describe daring Danica Cassar who joined the Willingness team 7 years ago, all the way back in 2016. What started out as an internship has now turned into something far

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Willingness|The Health Psychology Basics

The Health Psychology Basics

What is Health Psychology?

Health psychology relates to the discipline of psychology’s specific educational, scientific, and professional contributions to the promotion and maintenance of health, the prevention and treatment of illness, the identification of etiologic and diagnostic correlates of health,

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Willingness|How Does Play Therapy Work?

How Does Play Therapy Work?

Therapy is an opportunity for two, or more, individuals to build a relationship which supports the client to explore experiences, behaviours and patterns of relating that may be interfering with one’s life or relationships. It is a space for the

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Willingness|What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and how can it help?

What is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and how can it help?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) is a widely researched and evidence-based form of talking therapy originally developed in the late 1970s by psychologist and researcher Dr. Marsha M. Linehan and her colleagues. DBT was initially intended to treat individuals presenting with

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Willingness|Emotional Intelligence  

Emotional Intelligence  

There are mixed reviews on the development of Emotional intelligence (EI). Some researchers suggest that it can be learned and strengthened via training while others claim it’s a characteristic you are born with. EI is the ability to perceive, control

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Willingness|The Mind-Gut Connection

The Mind-Gut Connection

Our body consists of many organs that have their unique purpose and function. But do we know if they are somehow connected? Perhaps you can recall a time when after feeling anxiety, you had nausea or a time when you

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Willingness|Coping with the Stress of Moving House

Coping with the Stress of Moving House

Moving house can bring with it a range of different emotions. Sure, you may feel excited and looking forward to the change that living in a new house will bring. However, moving can also result in feelings such as stress,

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Willingness|Willingness For Us

Willingness For Us

My Willingness adventure started with an ad I saw on LinkedIn. I really wanted to carry out an internship in a different country. These days, where we are spending our lives behind a computer, I was worried about how possible

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