As part of the Ngħidu Kelma series events, a Ngħidu Kelma workshop was held on ‘Working with cancer patients and their family’. Due to the high demand, this workshop was repeated again. The workshop presented personal experiences, work with clients, presentation of research and literature apart from discussions and group work. These resources have helped the professionals to reflect on how the diagnosis and treatment of cancer affects not only the individual fighting the disease but the whole family system and explore how to work effectively with the family facing a life changing experience.

The main speaker was Ms. Anna Catania who began her profession in the health sector as a nurse and later pursued her studies as a counsellor. Following the workshop, Willingness saw the need to set up a service to help people who are going through such a difficult time. Thus, Willingness nowadays provides a supportive space for these families through individual counselling, couple work and therapeutic interventions that are adapted to the family’s needs. 

Willingness | The Battle we did not Choose - Working with Cancer Patients and Their Family | Ngħidu Kelma