A seminar for parents was held on ‘The dilemma of subject choices and how to go about it’. Choosing subjects at school is an important transition in a child’s life as it is one of the first important educational decisions they need to make and possibly one of their first steps on the path towards their prospective career. Thus, parents or guardians may potentially be the biggest influences in this choice since they are usually the first people the adolescent will turn to for help. Due to this, parents/guardians have a strong weight on their shoulders as they need to support their children in this transition.

During this seminar, parents/guardians were guided on how to help their adolescent in choosing their potential route, where they need to consider what they enjoy and are passionate about. The aim of this seminar was to boost the confidence of parents/guardians in supporting their adolescent to make important decisions. The key speaker in this seminar was Ms. Ann Julene Hili, a qualified Career Guidance Practitioner with over 8 years’ experience in the field of Career Guidance and Education