When people think of Ethos, in our mind we make a replay of the times we were at school and we used to be made to visualise or sing the Ethos of the school. As we grew older we realised that every entity and every company has an Ethos, including families. Why is this important? An Ethos keeps us all together, it helps us focus, it helps the team be stronger. This is how a team achieves and contributes its strength to society.

When I entered Willingness I found myself surrounded by lovely young people with great energy. We are all coming from different walks of life ..yet we all have one thing in common, that of doing the common good for others. This is special, this is unique and this is what is needed in today’s society.

The Ethos of Willingness is to build a resilient community…this is true in every sense of the word. We are a team of professionals and we seek to see what each individual needs. Should this individual need to be referred to another to improve himself /herself, then that is what is done. This is what we strive for, the completion of the human being so that after he has completed his sessions at Willingness he can be a warrior in society again.

This Ethos is achieved through various seminars and conferences set up for the professionals by the professionals to strengthen the team work. At times we lose focus as we have too many distractions around us and we get off the beaten track.. the team holistically helps you get back on track. This way you are strengthened both physically and emotionally and you can face society  with passion and endurance.

Alexandra Genovese is a Life-Coach with Willingness, working with
work related issues and relationships using a holistic approach and specialising in goal orientation towards work –life balance.