Time is the most precious and most valuable thing in the world. Is it not?  Sometimes, we would like to have some more time especially when we are in exam week, when we are working on a project, when we are late… We just want to possess more time for learning more, working more, recovering more. Yes, sometimes we just want to have more time to just sleep. So what are we really doing with our time, where is it going? We’re just wasting it. We are wasting time when we gossip or when we are watching a movie just because it’s so popular, even though we don’t like the trailer. Sometimes we do not want to miss out or stay away from what’s happening around us.

I won’t say don’t read that book, or go to the gym, or have fun with your friends, but have you thought about it before? Do you really want to watch that movie? Did you listen to yourself? Maybe walking in the countryside will be more of a relief for you. Just think about it, who are you when you are wasting time? Are you who you want to be? What I am implying is, why you not start NOW rather than LATER?

We have choices, which makes us who we are and where we are. The important thing is that we need to make a decision at the right moment otherwise there is no meaning to what you would like to do or what you want to achieve. That’s why we have to manage our time.

When you are sick you need to take your medicine daily. If you miss one, the medicine won’t work effectively. If you sent your project after the deadline, your effort will not pay off.

Do you know when the deadline for our life is? Do we have a second chance? Sometimes there is no second chance, it is now or never.

What are you waiting for to call your mother and say “I love you mom!”

What are you aiming for, how do you plan on achieving your goals? Are you delaying your goals? Will you be happy when you see others working on their goals but you are still laying on your dreams without moving forward? Then go ahead! Do not say tomorrow. You do not know what tomorrow will bring or whether you will even exist tomorrow. The only day is today.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” 
― Mother Theresa

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Cansel Burcu Sencar is an intern at Willingness Hub. She is a third  year Psychology student at International Balkan University in Macedonia. Her interest area is clinical psychology and she is looking to focus on psychopathology and psychotherapy.