It’s February and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is a time when a lot of couples start feeling the stress and pressure to celebrate the best and most romantic way and to get the perfect and preferably most expensive gift.

Why not try something different this year? Why not try to recreate your first date, or when you two met, or even when you said you loved each other? It has been shown that couples that can share happy memories from early on are happier and more content.  It’s also quite healing to create something that will generate conversations of a happy and joyous time. You can also gift a meaningful gift such as creating a playlist for your partner with your favorite songs, which you think they will enjoy while driving, or going to the gym. That way they can think of you whenever they are listening to it. Another good idea is to buy one of your favorite books to your partner so you can later share your ideas around it together. Finally it could be a good idea to think about three things, which made you fall in love with your partner (or if you’re not there yet, then three things you really like and appreciate about your partner), and write those down on a Valentine’s Day card. That will show them that you value them, and value your relationship.

So this Valentine’s Day, go and create something meaningful and share it with your partner!


Dana Scicluna Azar is a relationship and sex advisor at willingness. She offers therapy to both individuals and couples. She can be contacted on You can visit her profile on: