We are all busy. Hectic busy, that maybe we do not notice that today is a sunny day, or that we have worn our top inside out. Being busy for most people, makes us hate, despise and get irritated if we are asked to wait. What if the queue is long at the supermarket? What if the doctor’s office is full? What if the bus/train/ferry/plane is taking long to arrive?

What if stuck in traffic? These are all real-life situations, that most of us encounter on a daily basis. Most of us get irritated, some of us start huffing out loud, others start tapping their feet uncontrollably… we all have our unique way of dealing with it. But what if I were to tell you, that waiting can be the best time of your day?

We are all allowed to PAUSE, so why not use that moment to pause? Pause, breathe, look at the people around you, take what is in front of you in, the smells, the noises, the scenery, use your senses to take it all in. However, whilst pausing we can still be productive… such as being thankful for the day so far, being thankful that we are alive, being grateful that you have the motivation to do your work, appreciating the life you have, the people around you… but not that only…

What if you have a big project at work that you need to plan? You can start mentally thinking about it; how it can play out, what stuff maybe you need to get ready and use. You can close your eyes (if you are sitting, obviously) and take a power nap, to recharge for the rest of your day, you can mentally revise your to-do list if you have any. You can play a mental game – How many tiles in the room? How many purple cars passed by?

You can look at people around you, who are also waiting. If you love studying people, like I do, look at the people there, understand that they have their own life, their own journey, their own unique story.

The list is endless, however, my aim behind this blog is to grasp every opportunity we get thrown in life, to pause, reflect and grow. So I encourage you, next time you are waiting, just Pause and if none of the ideas mentioned above suits you, just breathe and relax.



Danica Cassar is a third-year psychology student at the University of Malta. She is the Triage Manager at Willingness.com.mt.