Summer is just round the corner. Kids are counting down the days to their last exam. Parents are making their preparation so that their family may enjoy these holidays in the best way. As we struggle with the rising heat and increase in sweat, most of us look upon this time as the best of the year. So, whilst you find your bathing suit and get ready for your day at the beach with your children, make sure to follow these top three recommendations to make summer enjoyable and safe.

No 1. Be mindful of the sun

Despite its beauty, the sun can be quite dangerous. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to sunlight has been associated with many problems. Most of us have endured the occasional sunburn and heat exhaustion. The effects of sunlight can be even more devastating. Although moderate exposure to sunlight has been associated with many benefits to the body and to the mind, exaggerated exposure has been linked with skin aging, skin cancer and other eye conditions. All this is preventable if you make sure to avoid peak hours in the sun. Generally, the prescription by professionals in the field is to avoid hours between 1100 till 1300. Try to be well covered to limit the penetration of UV and use high factor sunscreen liberally. Tans have always been fashionable, but health ought to be more important, especially with children. Oiling yourself up to attract more sun is not the best of ideas. Avoid direct sunlight exposure by finding nice spots in the shade.

No 2. Stay Hydrated

With the rising heat, our body will need to perspire more profusely in order to cool the system down. As the outside temperature increases, the body will need to respond with sweat so we can regulate or body temperature. The issue is that as we sweat, we lose important salts and minerals. Hydration occurs not only via the intake of water, but we can also take important minerals and vitamins from fruit and other vegetables.

No3. Be Safe

Summer equals beaches and barbeques for most of us. The fun times associated with these events often precludes us from realising the dangers that lurk around them. There have been sufficient accidents involving tragic drowning, or severe skin burns, to make us want to pay attention. Fun can occur in parallel with safety. As you spend the day at the beach, make sure to follow the signs which are placed to inform swimmers of the conditions of the sea. If you are using pool facilities, be careful of slippery flooring. Use swimming aids, like noodles, muscles or water boards for children. It is always prudent to monitor your child’s instruction in swimming closely to avoid problems. Make sure to practise safe barbequing. This means that you should exercise extreme caution around naked flames. Children should not be too close to barbeques set.

Steve Libreri is a social worker and parent coach within Willingness. He offers parent coaching and social work sessions. He can be contacted on