Christmas time. I find it to be the best time of the year. I do not wish to impose, because I am aware that Christmas signifies many things to many different people. Whilst for me, this period of the year hosts memories of magic, family gatherings, love and parties, for others this time may bring back sad memories of love lost.

My blog today is particularly to highlight the individuality of everything. I have come across a very interesting ted talk this week, by Headlee Celeste who provides us with ten wonderful minutes about how to improve our conversations. One of the tips stayed with me; do not equate your experience with that of others, outlining splendidly the reality of life that all our experiences vary from one person to the other.

Being more mindful about this part of life can help each of us to think about others as we experience these festivities. Unless we keep at the forefront of our awareness the notion that some may not be enjoying these festivities, we stroll through Christmas expecting others to respond with equal enthusiasm towards our holiday greetings. However, I feel that people appreciate our effort to be empathic and to remain mindful of the difficulties that some may face at this time where remembering of our loved ones may bring back sadness.


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