The festive season is a great time to mingle with people and fill your calendar with several events and parties. After a hectic December, it can easily happen that you feel the post-Christmas blues which leave you wondering what to do with your life now that parties are over. Going back to the usual routine after all the excitement can feel quite dull. Although routines are helpful, it can take some time to adjust to the usual way of doing things.

Try to plan something exciting for January so that you have something to look forward to. The planned activity will depend on the budget that you have. It could range from a quick trip to something as simple as inviting friends or family over for a games night. January tends to be a cold month which makes it easier to want to stay at home and snuggle. Make a list of movies you have been wanting to see but never had the time to watch and when you are bored watch one of them. If it’s raining, sit in front of a window with a mug of tea or coffee and read a book. Make staying indoors a fun activity.

Taking care of your health is always a good idea, but what better time to do so than at the beginning of the year? Spend some time looking at healthy recipes and try cooking some new food. It will give you motivation to try out a new healthy lifestyle. Include some exercise as well which can vary from a walk, to starting the gym or a new sport. You can do so by yourself and use that time for self-care or else partner up with a buddy and exercise together. Exercise is known to release chemicals in the brain called endorphins which improve your good mood. You can also try ‘dry January’ which is spending a month of not drinking any alcohol. After all the Christmas booze, it could be a good way to detox your body.

New year, new goals. Beating the post-Christmas blues can be done by setting new goals and projects. This could be re-arranging the house, such as moving some furniture around or painting a new wall. Do some research on something new you have been wanting to start doing and gather the facts to help you decide what it is that you want to do next. For example, if you’re interested in doing a course, have a look at the different options that you have.

In conclusion, when the parties are over, life can feel quite gloomy because the fun and spark seem to be gone. However, if you make some exciting plans, you will have something to look forward to.

Dr Marilyn Muscat is registered as an Educational Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom where she trained. She works with children, adolescents and their families to understand more about educational, social and emotional well-being concerns that they have and to help them improve upon their difficulties. She can be contacted on or call us on 79291817.