‘Just remember, how you look is the least interesting thing about you, and we’re investing in ourselves for the long-term’

Natacha Oceane

I quoted an athlete which I follow regularly as I find it very important to look at nutrition not just as something to achieve a set of standards and ideal body weight, but as a way of building a positive relationship with one’s body. Natacha Oceane is quite open about her physical training, past unhealthy eating habits, and the demands she used to place on her body. She has journeyed to a point where she can treat her body with respect, and it isn’t only a tool to achieve her goals but is a goal in and of itself. 

Taking this standpoint, that nutrition and healthy habits go hand-in-hand, one must consider various aspects and habits that support us to become healthier and to make the most out of our nutrition intake. 

1. Keeping hydrated.

Drinking water leads to having a healthier body as water is important for a number of chemical and cellular reactions in our bodies. Water is important for nutrients to be carried around in bodies and for them to be absorbed. 

2. Becoming more mindful.

When we are mindful and aware of ourselves, we take the time to do things and we can slow down our pace in life. The more hectic we are, the less thought is given and the less in touch with ourselves we are. This helps our nutrition because we can plan our eating better, we can have regular food breaks and even find the time to eat slowly and appreciate our food. When we eat in a rush, we eat more than we need and perhaps the quality of the food we take in also suffers as we purchase the first thing that comes to hand when we are already at a point when our body is starving. 

3. Having a good relationship with our bodies.

This goes together with the previous point, as an increased awareness and a slower pace, helps us to realise better when we are full, when we are hungry, which food may not agree with us as much and how much serving we need per meal. The better our relationship with our body, the more we are motivated to take care of ourselves, and we take pride in the way our body feels and looks. 

4. Eating smart as a daily habit

By planning our meals, buying healthy options, and taking the time to cook and prepare healthy and nourishing food, we can ensure that we are taking in the right nutrients and the right amounts. This also means taking some time to read a bit and researching different body types and different foods, healthy sources of nutrients and various options available. 

It is important to have some knowledge of the different food groups and how they affect our body so that we are smart about what we are eating. 

5. Lifestyle considerations.

Another important aspect to nutrition is our lifestyle- by keeping active, taking care of our posture, enjoying time outdoors or time for ourselves, we are helping our body to be healthier and more relaxed, which impacts our digestive system and the way our body uses the fuel that we are giving it. 

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Abigail Church is a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor who works with adults and children through counselling with Willingness. She can be contacted on abigail@willingness.com.mt or call us on 79291817.