When I am about to start writing a blog, I would usually go into a reflection period where I spend some time to think about what the topic means to me and what my own experience of the subject is. So, when it came to writing this blog, I reflected about the teachers that left an impact, the teachers I still talk to (a few number of decades down the line) whenever I see them, the teachers that gave me that one piece of advice that is still there in my book of life lessons. When discussing the findings of their study, Ulug, Seray Ozden and Eryilmaz (2011), state the following: “Teachers are the second-highest determining factor in the development of individuals, after the parents.” This, to me, is such a strong statement which really makes you stop and think. This blog, which will be divided into two parts will discuss exactly this; the reasons behind why teachers are so important to your kid.

  1. Teachers can provide you with feedback about your child based on a different context

Teachers spend days with children who are in a context that is generally different to the environments at home. For instance, at school, the child would often interact with a larger amount of children, and would spend most of their school day in the classroom, which in some literature is considered as a mini-community. Through looking at the classroom as a mini-community, children would start becoming more regularly exposed to what it is like to share your environment with other peers, to take into account other children’s needs, to express their own needs to others, and so on. This exposure can give teachers a lot of information about the children’s resources and strengths, and this is very useful feedback for the parents to have. Teachers can also discuss their observations of any skills or tasks where their child requires the support of others, and together, the parents and teachers can explore what support the child needs both at school and outside of school.

2. Teachers can support your child with developing a healthy view of themselves

According to Mind (2019), a person’s self-esteem impacts whether they believe they are likeable and valuable, whether they are able to make choices, recognize strengths, see themselves as able to be challenged, to be kind to themselves. It also impacts whether a person believes that they are good enough and that they deserve happiness. Teachers can support parents with teaching the child that they are worthy of their time, attention, praise, being corrected, advice. These are some of the ways how your child can learn to develop a healthy view of themselves, and teachers can greatly support you with this.

In Part 2 of this blog, I will continue discussing more reasons why teachers are important to children.

Rebecca Cassar is a Family Therapist practicing the Systemic Approach. She specializes in offering therapy to families, couples and individuals who are experiencing distress in their relationships. She can be contacted on rebecca@willingness.com.mt or call us on 79291817.