We have often noticed that men tend to ignore their health and wellbeing and they hardly prioritize taking care of themselves. At times there can be serious consequences for those and at times it can lead to feeling not the best on a daily basis. Therefore looking after your health at any age is vital, especially for men since it often tends to get overlooked. 

Regardless of the age or what general health looks like, it’s important for men to look after their health.

1. Regular Checkups

One of the ways through which men can look after their health is through having regular and timely physical check-ups. Besides the general one, it is also important to get cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure evaluated. 

Since many significant health problems begin with minor issues which could be managed better, therefore it is also important to see a doctor if you have noticed any changes in sleep, bathroom habits, any changes in birthmarks, fluctuations in body weight and any sexual dysfunction. 

2. Exercising

Ideally it’s best to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Adding exercise to the routine is vital for the overall wellbeing. At times it can become difficult to fit in a workout especially if the work schedule is quite tight. In such circumstances one can always try to spare 20 minutes for a brisk walk, which can prove to be quite helpful and provide stress-relieving benefits. 

3. Give yourself time to take a break

It’s important to find time for your own self. Whether it’s going to a ballgame, watching television with family or playing golf; it’s best to participate in activities that can help to keep stress at bay. At times it can become difficult to find time for breaks, especially if there are quite a lot of responsibilities at hand you’re dealing with. In such situations, it’s good to accommodate some ‘you’ time to the routine such as listening to a podcast or audio book whilst commuting to work or working in the yard. 

4. Prioritise mental health

Unfortunately men hardly talk about their mental health due to a variety of reasons such as hesitation, social norms, etc. Therefore it is crucial for them to prioritise their mental health especially because they are faced with several situations on an everyday basis where they can experience work stress, family stress, anxieties or apprehensions for various reasons. It would be best to start checking in with yourself and start a conversation about it, with a friend or loved one or even a mental health practitioner, if needed. 

5. Maintaining a healthy diet

Having a proper diet is equally important, especially if you are out and about and working during the day, or even running after the children.  Some things do slip by, and diet is one of the things that men need to look into, and be aware of their nutritional needs and what their diet should and shouldn’t include. Taking care of the diet is a crucial part of overall health.

Men’s health can easily be overlooked, whether it’s due to social norms or just general unusual expectations from the gender; men equally need to prioritise their health and look after themselves. 

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Mahnoor Nadeem is a student of Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology in Lithuania and a Trainee Psychologist at Willingness. She enjoys working with children and adolescents and exploring topics such as health psychology, family therapy and sexual health.


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