Willingness|Ten reasons to exercise with a group

Ten reasons to exercise with a group

We all know that doing exercise is good for our physical and mental health. Some people use workouts as their way of relaxing and destressing and therefore manage to keep up their motivation and exercise regularly. However, for others, the

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Willingness|Should I exercise before bed?

Should I exercise before bed?

As you might’ve noticed, there is some discourse when it comes to ideal exercise  periods during the day. Should I exercise first thing in the morning? What if I only have  time at night, what can I do? We used

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Willingness|5 Tips for Men’s Health

5 Tips for Men’s Health

We have often noticed that men tend to ignore their health and wellbeing and they hardly prioritize taking care of themselves. At times there can be serious consequences for those and at times it can lead to feeling not the

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Willingness|Meta għandi nfittex fiżjoterapista?

Meta għandi nfittex fiżjoterapista?

Għalkemm il-fiżjoterapija sar professjoni komuni fil-qasam tas-saħħa, wieħed jista’ jkun konfuż meta għandu jfittex dan is-servizz. Fis-sezzjonijiet li ġejjin ser tkun magħruf meta huwa bżonnjuż is-servizz tal-fiżjoterapija.


Uġigħ huwa l-iktar sintomu komuni li niltaqgħu miegħu fil-ħajja ta’ kuljum. Ħafna

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Willingness|5 Reasons Why Exercising with your Friend is Better

5 Reasons Why Exercising with your Friend is Better

The benefits of exercise are too numerous to count, exercise not only improves your quality of life, and overall health and well-being but acts as a therapeutic approach to increase your resistance to illness and improve your recovery period (Bielecki

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