Feeling burned out goes beyond feeling simply tired or stressed out in the moment. It goes a step further to make us feel extremely exhausted both mentally and physically. Due to feeling burned out, we might not be able to keep functioning normally like we used to. Thus, it is of great concern to anyone and we must work to prevent it from happening. It is essential that we start putting our self-care at the forefront of everything that we do. It can start simply by changing the type of food that we eat. This is why it would be useful to incorporate the following 6 foods into your diet to help you combat emotional burnout.

1. Fruit

Fruit contains fiber which helps regulate your sugars, vitamins which help with bodily functioning and antioxidants which help improve the way your body will respond to stressful situations. It will definitely help if you make fruit your snack for the day to help you power through the rest of it. 

2. Fatty fish

Fatty fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to help alleviate our moods. They also contain anti-inflammatory properties which can control the amount of stress we feel. Fish high in fat include salmon, anchovies, sardines and mackerel. 

3. Spinach

Spinach contains high levels of folic acid which helps our body produce serotonin. Having a lack of serotonin has been found to cause depression and anxiety among people. In addition to this, spinach also contains vitamin A, C and E which boosts our energy levels and allows us to cope better with stress.

4. Nuts

Nuts contain nutrients which offer a number of benefits to our brain health. In fact, a study carried out by Harvard University found that people who ate 5 servings of nuts per week, for a long period of time, were associated with having better cognitive function than those who didn’t. This would help us to focus and remain alert which should counter the effects of feeling burnt out.  

5. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate with over 70% of cocoa will contain an abundance of magnesium. Magnesium is important to help our body stay healthy by helping us feel relaxed, sleep better and balance our sugar levels. Therefore, eating dark chocolate within moderation can offer several benefits. 

6. Seeds

Seeds also contain a high amount of protein and magnesium which helps keep our blood sugars leveled, increase our energy levels and stabilize our moods. 

As can be seen from above, there are a number of foods which can be eaten to help lower your chances of experiencing emotional burnout. In addition to this, they can help increase your mood, memory, and brain development. Therefore, they can be easily added to your day to day lives without requiring much effort on your part.  

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Mandy Brincat is a Gestalt psychotherapist who enjoys working therapeutically with adults on various issues. These include general mental health and wellbeing. She also has experience working with anxiety, victims of domestic violence and eating disorders.


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