It’s a known certainty that the way you think effects your general well-being. You can choose to be happy and live a positive life by taking control of your thoughts and life choices. Thus, having this control has a lot to do with positive affirmations. By being able to incorporate positive affirmations in your daily life, then that’s when beneficial change starts to happen. Positive affirmations need to be constantly repeated to allow them to become deeply embedded in your life. At first, when you say them to yourself, you won’t necessarily feel a change. The key is to repeat them and with time, you’ll start to believe them.

The following are some of my favourite affirmations which I like to tell myself. Go ahead and write them down, print them out, save them on your phone or even just come up with your own! Keep them close to you to be able to practice them daily.

  1. I am enough – The person you are is enough. At times we can become overwhelmed with the pressures of life and trying to achieve absolute happiness. The reality is that happiness isn’t achieved when you reach or have something. Happiness occurs when you love yourself and know that you are already enough.
  2. I have everything I need right now to be happy – This goes along with the first affirmation I listed. Being grateful with everything that you have right now will help you feel happy. After saying this affirmation to yourself, reflect on everything that you need to be grateful for. Embody the feeling that comes with it and allow it to get you through the rest of your day.
  3. I am in charge of how I live my life – You are the only person in charge of your life. All of the actions you take are your responsibility and yours alone. This means that you have the power to decide how you react to different situations, who to let into your life and who you let go of.
  4. I am resilient – Life isn’t always a bed of roses like we wish it would be. Dark and challenging times will come our way and we’ll find it difficult to be positive. However, you need to remind yourself that you are a capable and strong person who can handle anything that life throws at you.
  5. I can and I will – When you set your mind on a goal, there can be nothing stopping you from achieving it. Work your hardest to overcome obstacles and make sure you’re as successful as you can be. Remember, you’re a force of nature.
  6. Today will be a good day – Every day when you wake up, tell yourself that today is going to be a good day. It is up to you to make sure you have the best day possible by making positive choices throughout your day. Choose to approach anything that comes your way with a positive mindset.
  7. I am proud of every step I take – At the end of the day be proud of every step you take and how you take it. If you’ve never heard this before then let me be the one to tell you; you are doing the best you can with your life and I’m proud of you for it.

Go ahead, take three deep breaths and repeat any, if not all, of the above affirmations. This is the first step to building your self-confidence, self-esteem and positive outlook on life.

Mandy is a Gestalt psychotherapist who enjoys working therapeutically with adults on various issues. These include general mental health and wellbeing. She also has experience working with anxiety, victims of domestic violence and eating disorders.


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