With this blog, we will finish dealing with the main areas of psychology. There’s no time to waste, so let’s jump in!


  1. Health Psychology

Health psychologists’ main concern is to boost people’s health both in the short and long-term. This is achieved through promoting healthy lifestyles and thoughts. They also provide prevention measures and carry out public awareness programs for the community.


  1. Social Psychology

Social psychology deals with the study of attitudes and beliefs, social behaviour, and the impact of prejudice and discrimination on people. In a nutshell it deals with the way people behave and interact with others both when alone and when in a group.


  1. Organisational Psychology.

This field’s main aim is to improve efficiency and productivity at the workplace, whilst protecting the wellbeing of the employees. It helps both the employer and employee understand the best mechanisms available to enhance their performance. Such tips include better leadership skills, reinforcement and organisational systems.


This brings to an end a 3-part blog in which we discussed some of the main areas of psychology. Obviously each area can explored in much more depth than I have described here and as you can see, these areas are not isolated but are intertwined together, working hand in hand improving our system and lifestyle.


– Danica Cassar is a first year psychology student at the University of Malta. Her main interest in the field is play therapy and looks to further her career in the sector. Danica is an intern at Willingness.com.mt.