Following the previous blog, a question which I would like to ask our readers is; when you wake up what do you think about first, do you think about what you need to do today? Or is it about how you feel?

Some practical tips for individuals who immerse themselves in their responsibilities:

  • Ask yourself `what are you feeling?`
  • Ask yourself `what do you need today?`
  • Ask yourself `how would you attain it?`

Some questions for individuals who ignore their responsibilities and focus exclusively on their needs:

  • What inhibits you from engaging you in activities which you would aid you in your professional or social development
  • If you think that certain feelings from engaging in activities might be limiting your development, what is stopping you from facing these challenges?


Karl Grech is a counsellor. He offers counselling to both individuals and couples within Willingness. He can be contacted on can visit his profile on: