During the Bubble Festival, chat bar by willingness was introduced. Chat Bar is a safe space for individuals to regroup themselves if any crisis presents itself whilst they are at a festival. This is a safe space where attendees can hang out when they feel overwhelmed due to exhaustion, intoxication or mental health issues that might occur in such an intense environment.

The individual is invited for a cup of coffee or tea and a chat, which will help ground the person and make them feel safe again until they’re ready to go party again. The chat bar is also equipped at any given time with mental health professionals. During The Bubble Festival, professionals also presented some workshops related to psychology and wellbeing in order to continue fostering the philosophy of ‘The Bubble’. Professionals that carried out workshops during the chat bar at the Bubble festival were Ms. Claire Borg, Mr. Matthew Bartolo and Mr. Karl Grech. 

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