As part of the ‘Nghidu Kelma’ series, a seminar was held on: ‘Love, Marriage & Infidelity: Devil’s Triangle’. Union is an important institution across many cultures. Individuals usually connect with the emotional meaning of marriage which connects two individuals together. Furthermore, the betrayal of this union is frowned upon in many cultures. When a deeply committed spouse finds out about their partner’s sexual infidelity, they feel hurt, bruised, angry, and broken and tend to react accordingly, with fear, rage, tears, vindictiveness, pleading, and all sorts of other highly emotional responses. Infidelity of one partner is often assumed to be an unequivocal catalyst for dissolution. However, research shows that many retain their relationships despite discovering their partner’s unfaithfulness.

This workshop looked at the process of regaining trust to rebuild the relationship and reflected on the question, whether one can leave the pain of infidelity behind. It also explored the empirical practices which are deemed effective for relationships. The speaker during this seminar was the internationally renowned Prof. Mehmet Sungur who is a professor of psychiatry at the Medical Faculty of Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. 

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