It is interesting for me that when I explain this to parents; they seem to digest it very well. Yet, I frequently meet a “however”.   It is not uncommon for parents to feel that their child’s behaviour is uniquely explosive. Many a time they feel that their child misbehaves in a way which is not normal compared to other peers. This is the famous other-kids-do-not-act-like-this anecdote. This could be true. I shall not contend that some people are more intense than others. And in some situations it is advisable to seek professional assessment for your child. There are counsellors, psychologist, social workers and parent coaches who can help you to determine whether your child requires support or not. Yet this may not always be needed. What I can share with parents is that many family troubles are kept private. By force of habit, our society encourages the effort to advertise family life as contained, controlled and well mannered. It is my experience that many choose not to hang their dirty underwear in public, and therefore retain a good image in the public eye. However, this does not mean that they do not face similar challenges. What I mention here are but few of the issues which are very common as children develop into adults. And it is fair to say, that you are not alone.


– Steve Libreri is a social worker and parent coach within Willingness.  He offers parent coaching and social work sessions.  He can be contacted on