There are different causes for ED and most probably if these are tackled, men suffering from this dysfunction can gain their erection back.  The causes can be categorised into three different groups: psychological; medical and physical:

Physically, one needs to understand that an erection happens because when the man gets excited the penile tissue is filled up with blood.  This is what makes the penis grow bigger and harder.  In order for this to happen blood needs to flow from the rest of the body into the veins and tissue in the penis and stay there until the penis ejaculates.  This is why any physical condition that effects blood flowing through the veins, such as high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular problems, and hormone deficiency will effect erections.  As a matter of fact, doctors have identified erectile dysfunction as a ‘marker’ or ‘early warning sign’ of possible cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction it is important that you discuss it with your doctor. The doctor will be able to carry out checks for cardiovascular disease which might also treat the erectile dysfunction.

In this case I would suggest that George stops smoking, if he does, cuts down on the alcohol and in healthy foods, and starts exercising.  This would help him feel better about himself and gets his body in shape again.  A more specific exercise for his penis is the vacuum pump which he can use three times a week to help the circulation in his penis.  It is important that the vacuum pump is bought from a trustworthy seller and used responsibly as it can also cause problems if not used properly.


– Matthew Bartolo is a counsellor specialising in sex & relationships.  He sees individuals and couples with issues related to sexuality, sex, and relationships. He can be contacted on

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