During our lives we take on numerous roles.  The two main ones being those related to our job and our family.  However, at times, juggling these roles may become overwhelming or, in other times, one ends up sacrificing one for the other.

Achieving a work-life balance is no easy task. However, the inability to achieve this balance may have adverse consequences on one’s mental and physical health, relationships and productivity.

Firstly, try to evaluate the importance of each task which compromises one’s routine and quit those which are useless. Some tasks, such as endlessly scrolling through social media posts are time-consuming and hold little value.

It is important to not let work take over, therefore, try to leave work at the workplace.  So, when relaxing or spending time with loved ones, turn off all devices to avoid distractions.

When working at home, avoid distractions and stay focused on that particular task and plan to finish it within a reasonable timeframe. Also, clarify with clients when you are available, this way you can avoid over-stretching and also set boundaries.

It is important to keep in mind to introduce these changes slowly in order to adjust oneself to them.


-Alessia Camilleri