Many people think that famous scientists, philosophers, or inventors are very clever. In fact, intelligence includes the ability to acquire and apply information, reason, solve problems, remember information, and be creative; it is a variable parameter and does not remain constant throughout life.

In reality, we all have the potential to become a “genius”. Your IQ score monitors the degree of fluid and crystallized intelligence and shows you how successful you are in various mental abilities compared to other people. Those whose score is more than 130 can be considered above average. While a study shows that people consider themselves smarter than the average American, most of us have IQs in the 80-119 points range, especially in our teen years. The important thing is to realize this potential and accept that this intelligence is not innate. What you need to do to increase your intelligence and even become a genius, is to be ambitious.

Although there are many ways to learn new things and strengthen your intelligence, we have compiled six items that increase your brain power and make learning easier:

1) Train your memory

Playing memory games that encourage you to recall information can increase your “fluid intelligence”, which improves your reasoning and solving new problems.

2) Be open-minded to other opinions

Another way to increase your intelligence is to consider different people’s perspectives. In this way, your brain will see new opportunities and realize cognitive growth. Learning is the act of exposing yourself to new information, and meeting new people makes the process easier, especially when their perspectives conflict with yours.

Roche says “Open your mind and listen to arguments that make no sense to you–and try to find some sense in them.”.

3) Find yourself a source of motivation

Unusual achievements require a great deal of motivation. This may be conscious or unconscious, or it may occur due to feelings such as helplessness, revenge, regret.    Regardless of the source of your motivation, you can source this to drive you further.

4) Do exercises that support the cardiovascular system

According to a study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, cardiovascular fitness can boost your verbal intelligence and improve long-term memory. Increased cardiovascular fitness was also associated with better cognitive scores, and conversely, a weak correlation was found between muscle strength and intelligence.

5) Play video games

Although playing videos is often seen as a leisure activity, it enables the development of neurons and improves connectivity in areas of the brain responsible for spatial orientation, memory formation and strategic planning. In a study conducted in Germany, researchers found that video games like Super Mario benefit the brain by improving sensory, perceptual, and attentional tasks. In addition, in a University of California study, researchers found that a specially designed 3D driving video game increased mental skills such as multitasking and focus in older adults. Gaming improved the short-term memory, a cognitive ability that usually declines with age.

6) Meditate

Regular meditation exercises have been found to increase neuroplasticity and white matter in the brain, significantly improving attention and fluid intelligence.

Although intelligence seems to be a trait bestowed upon us when we are born, we can improve ourselves and increase our cognitive abilities with various activities. Even if you don’t want to be a “genius”, it will do you good to strengthen your brain.

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Ezgi Nur Budak has a bachelors degree in psychology and is an intern at Willingness who keen on health related concepts.


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