A lot of women and men wonder what they can do to achieve a better orgasm during sex. Here is a list of 15 things you can do to improve your orgasms:

1. Relax and unwind before sex, a sensual massage can help

2. Don’t focus on orgasm as your goal

3. Masturbate and learn what YOU like so you can teach your partner

4. Communicate and tell your partner what you like and don’t like

5. Find your erogenous zones and stimulate those while having sex

6. Stimulate more than one area at a time!

7. Flex your pelvic floor muscles!

8. Use lubricant so there is no friction when you continually stroke an area

9. Don’t be afraid to get ‘outside’ help by using vibrators

10. Role play to make things more exciting

11. Prime yourself before you see your partner – fantasize and build

excitement during the day about what you are going to do

12. For some men, interrupting sex can intensify orgasms

13. Engage in some light bondage (if BOTH partners agree) – hair pulling,

spanking etc…

14. Talk dirty

15. Have more sex!

Why don’t you start trying to implement some items on this list the next time you are intimate with your partner!