Continuing on from the last blog, here are the next two languages of love:

  1. Quality time

Nothing says “I love you” like undivided attention and being there for the other person without outside distraction such as the TV, chores, tasks etc… Failure to listen, distractions and postponed dates can be hurtful. To give someone undivided attention, means taking a walk just the two of you or going out to eat together. One of the important things about quality time is quality conversation, sharing your feelings and thoughts. Some practical listening tips can include: maintaining eye contact, not doing anything else at the same time, confirm what you have heard and observe body language.

IF this is your partner’s love language, ask your partner to write down five activities they would enjoy doing with you and do one activity each month for the next five months.

  1. Gifts

This language is not about materialism. The person who receives the gifts thrives on the thoughtfulness and effort put behind the gift, it shows that you are known and cared for and your partner has thought about you and brought you a gift, it is a visible symbol of love that you can show to the world. A missed birthday or anniversary or a thoughtless gift are hurtful.

IF this is your partner’s love language, then every time you hear your partner say “I really like this”, keep a note of it and set a goal to give a gift whenever you feel comfortable purchasing, making or finding one. Don’t only wait for special occasions.