The first Parentopedia workshop organised by Willingness was on the topic ‘It- Tifel ma jkellimnix’. This event also took place on the 18th June in Gozo. Parents are faced with a struggle, where their adolescents stay a whole day in their room or on their phone without communicating with the family. Experienced parents say that this is normal, yet parents new to the scenario are generally shocked, frustrated and helpless.

The speaker of this event was Mr. Steve Libreri, a social worker and parent coach. He finds that his work gave him the realisation that families are the basic building block in society and it is essential for our society to have functioning families to thrive. Mr. Libreri has dedicated his life to helping families through parent coaching, and intervention designed to help parents acquire the skills they need to handle their children. Mr. Libreri also feels that education is paramount in helping parents reflect on their practice. Thus, the aim of this workshop was to address the dynamics of adolescents and the participants were given the opportunity to reflect on the natural processes. Furthermore, during the workshop parents and professionals jointly discussed finding solutions for communication between parents and their adolescents, as to improve the family life situation.

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