From the series of events of Parentopedia, a workshop was held on ‘Getting ready for twins’. Another event was held on the 1st October, in Gozo. Expecting a new baby is always a time of excitement and great preparation. Whether parents expect one baby, twins or more, the time during pregnancy is often used to research and get acquainted with the new lifestyle and obligations. The arrival of children does not mean that the parental relationship needs to take a backseat. Being a parent and being a partner are two very important roles that both need to be attended to.

Multiple births can prove to be a challenge for most couples who wish to sustain the relationship with their partner. Since most available resources do not account for the different experiences of multiple births, parents of twins or triplets can face an overwhelming reality for which they are not prepared. This workshop aimed to bridge that gap and provide additional information which can help the parents to prepare more fully. The main speakers during these workshops were Ms. Anna Catania, a counsellor and herself a mother of multiples and Mr. Steve Libreri a social worker and parent coach.

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