Graziella Vella graciously joined the Willingness team recently in September 2021. If you’ve been to a Willingness event since then, Graziella’s been the mastermind behind every single one of them. Read on to get to know Graziella and her role at Willingness…

  1. Describe Willingness in 3 Words

Graziella: Excellence, Multi-Disciplinary and a Step-ahead

  1. What’s your role at Willingness? What does it consist of? 

Graziella: Events and Training Manager – I coordinate, develop and implement the Willingness Team’s events and coordinate the training delivered by members of the team.

  1. Why did you choose Willingness? 

Graziella: The first thing that impressed me about Willingness was the ‘willingness to adapt’ vision. I felt that this team could be very much in line with my own line of thought and way to see life and the different circumstances we all have to face. When I first joined the team I was also looking forward to putting my own experience in events once again into practice, I felt it was the right position in the right setting, and so far, I can confirm it definitely was 🙂 

  1. What do you like the most about your job at Willingness? 

Graziella: The fact that I help to ‘make things happen’. I am a ‘tool’ ensuring that the knowledge and experience of the professionals at Willingness is shared with professionals and anyone who wants to learn or wants to discover or understand further various themes and aspects related to mental health and wellbeing.  

  1. How long does it take you to get to Willingness? 

Graziella: Around 20 minutes 🙂 

  1. What would you say to a colleague who’s thinking about joining the Willingness Team?

Graziella: Definitely to give it a try and join. The team has a fresh and dynamic outlook. It is made up of a relatively young team of doers who work hard. 

  1. What have you learnt since joining Willingness? 

Graziella: Being part of the Willingness Team made me appreciate further the importance of taking care of ourselves and of our mental health. The team works hard to ensure that whoever seeks support is given immediate attention and support and delivers a considerable outreach programme to fight the stigma associated with mental health. 

  1. Does Willingness add to your practice? If yes, what? 

Graziella: A sense of satisfaction in doing what I love. There is a strong work ethic and attention to detail which is not easy to find. This makes me work even harder to ensure that, in my case, every event is of excellent quality, in terms of content and the event experience in itself, trying to do even better each time. 

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