Willingness | Meet Courteous Charlot

Meet Courteous Charlot

Courteous Charlot Cauchi joined the Willingness Team around a year ago as a Gestalt psychotherapist. He is a hardworking, grounding yet humorous individual who has been quite a welcoming addition to the team. Read on more to learn about Charlot’s … Read more

Willingness | Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

On 14th May 2021, Free-Spirited Franziska Inge Richter met her first Willingness clients right after graduating as a Transcultural Counsellor. This open-minded, positive and unstoppable individual has had quite a positive influence on the Willingness Team and we’d like to … Read more

Willingness | Meet Gracious Graziella 

Meet Gracious Graziella 

Graziella Vella graciously joined the Willingness team recently in September 2021. If you’ve been to a Willingness event since then, Graziella’s been the mastermind behind every single one of them. Read on to get to know Graziella and her role … Read more

Willingness | Meet Mindful Michaela

Meet Mindful Michaela

Michaela Pace is best described as a person who is fueled by passion, honesty and resilience. She joined the Willingness Team back in 2016 as a Childminder and has not looked back since.

We asked Michaela a couple of questions … Read more

Willingness | Meet Mighty Dr.Marilyn

Meet Mighty Dr.Marilyn

When asked to describe herself in 3 words, Dr. Marilyn says that she is ambitious, adventurous and outgoing. Her journey with Willingness began 4 years ago, and she’s been an essential member of the Willingness Team ever since!

We asked … Read more

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