”Separation is believed to have a negative effect on the behavior of children, however studies have shown that a majority of children do adjust to the change in the family structure. Although resilience is present, most children do not experience severe emotional or behavioral problems.

To ensure a child’s emotional state and behavior remain unproblematic, parents must learn to co-parent effectively. However, a discussion on parenting styles should not be done while the children are present. One parent must not undermine the others authority or speak badly of them. It is important to find a constructive manner in which to handle conflict that does not include the children being involved.

The parent-child relationship must be upheld, at least one of the parents must be authoritative as children will need rules, limits and a set routine. Studies have shown that family processes have a major influence on the child’s behavior and development, more so than the family structure does.

These needs are more likely to be met in a safe and loving environment where there is limited conflict between the parents. Children will need time to get used to the change happening around them, however what they need now is what they needed before: a secure emotional base. ”


-Michaela Bonello