As we make our way into the new year, it’s common practice to evaluate the previous year and analyse how we can make the new year a more successful one. This usually comes in the form of a “new year’s resolution”. If you’re the type of person who enjoys making new year’s resolutions, my advice for the upcoming year, and the years after that, is to make self-care your priority.


Self-care is something that needs to be done consistently, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or lengthy in time. Sure, a massage can be very relaxing, but do we always have the time or money to go for a massage every time we feel stressed or that we’re drowning?


Here I decided to compile a list of simple self-care tasks which can be done in a short span of time, and which can leave long-term results if done consistently:


  1. Start a Compliments File – write down or document all the positive things people say about you. Read these during a particularly difficult day when you doubt yourself.
  2. Watch the clouds – lie on your back, and look at the sky.
  3. Be selfish – do one thing every day which makes you happy.
  4. Unplug for an hour – put your phone on aeroplane mode and don’t look at any screens for an hour. The lack of constant notification pings can make a world of a difference to our state of mind.
  5. Take 3 deep breaths – breathe deep into your abdomen, and breathe out slowly. Do this 3 times to help oxygen flow through your body.
  6. Drink water – sometimes we forget to hydrate, so always keep a glass of water next to you and remember to take some sips at regular intervals.
  7. Help someone – carry a bag, open a door and hold it open, let your friend cry on your shoulder.
  8. Spend time with animals – if you don’t have your own, consider volunteering at a shelter.
  9. Have a self-date – spend an hour by yourself, doing an activity you enjoy. Be it reading, watching a movie, or making music.
  10. Find the beautiful in your daily life – find 5 unexpected things every day which you find beautiful. It can be the way the sun’s rays touched someone’s face, the smell of a flower, a small ant carrying something bigger than itself.



Mel McElhatton holds a degree in Social Work from the University of Malta. With Willingness, Mel does life coaching and is one of the facilitators in the IRL – In Real Life team. They are also the producer of the radio show Niddiskutu s-Sess. They can be contacted on or call us on 79291817.