Willingness|What is Play?

What is Play?

What is Play?

Play is an activity that is chosen by the child and is also directed by the child. There is an intrinsic motivation to engage in this activity and it is also guided by mental rules whilst being

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Willingness|6 After-School Activities

6 After-School Activities

Children require attention and need to be entertained. Although it might be tempting to turn on the television and leave the kids in front of the tv, which they might seem to love, this might not be ideal. Hence this

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Willingness|Why is My Child Being Violent?

Why is My Child Being Violent?

Some parents might find themselves wondering why their child is showing aggressive and violent behaviour. Maybe the tantrums have become more frequent, and your child has started to hit you, or throw things in anger. It can be quite shocking

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Willingness|Yoga for Kids: Why?

Yoga for Kids: Why?

In our fast-paced world many people – both adults and children – are facing troubles to focus and manage their emotions. This world is full of distractions, pressure, temptations, and overstimulation. 

Living in the 21st Century can be very

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