Willingness | Should we stay together for the sake of children?

Should we stay together for the sake of children?

One aspect preventing parents from taking action or addressing conflict is the presence  of their children. There would be an added worry about how a drastic decision might  affect the children (which differs from if the parents were childless). 


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Willingness | Can divorce be prevented?

Can divorce be prevented?

Divorce and separation have become more prevalent in our society in general. Not only has this become a more socially acceptable act between two partners, but its frequency is said to have increased as well around Europe. For example, if

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Willingness | What is parental alienation?

What is parental alienation?

Parental alienation is extremely common in divorces, especially if there is conflict between the parents. It happens when one parent convinces their child not to engage with the other parent. This tends to happen when the parent talks against the

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