Willingness | Is time more valuable than money

Is time more valuable than money

Time and money are two fundamental sources that shape our lives. Both are essential in achieving our goals and fulfilling our desires. The debate over which holds greater value, time or money, has long been a subject of contemplation and … Read more

Willingness | The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money

Unlocking the Power of the Psychology of Finance: Why Your Money Mindset Matters

Did you know that our emotions, beliefs, and behaviours have a profound impact on how we handle money? It’s true! The psychology of finance is a crucial … Read more

Willingness | Dealing with the expenses of life 

Dealing with the expenses of life 

Recently, there has been this ongoing preoccupation with how expenses are on the rise while wages remain the same. This makes people wonder how they can cope and whether we are on the brim of poverty (Newbery, 2022). 

The first … Read more

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