Willingness | <strong>Myth-busting - Somatic Symptom Disorders</strong>

Myth-busting – Somatic Symptom Disorders

Individuals with Somatic Symptom Disorders (SSD) are the subject of numerous myths. We frequently hear that the symptoms experienced are ‘all in their brain’. Some people might argue that SSD sufferers are overreacting to little issues. The reality is that

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Willingness | Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Myth Buster: Bipolar Disorder

Despite being a reasonably prevalent mental condition, bipolar disorder is  underrepresented. Many people think that someone with bipolar disorder is consistently either happy or  sad. This might lead to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder frequently feeling  unsupported and misunderstood due

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Willingness | Myth-busting: OCD

Myth-busting: OCD

A mental health disorder we often hear about is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Unfortunately many who have heard of it, often only associate it with someone who is fussy or a neat freak. Others might think that it can be

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