Willingness | The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

The Self and Ego in Gestalt Therapy

I’ve been hearing a lot of “What am I doing, this isn’t me, I’m not myself” in therapy lately. As a gestalt therapist, I have a tendency to stick to the word ‘self’ whenever I hear it mentioned. 

When … Read more

Willingness | The Basics for Psychoeducation

The Basics for Psychoeducation

Put simply, psychoeducation is about educating others on their mental health illness. Thus, the main goal of psychoeducation is to help individuals be able to better understand their mental health conditions. It allows them to become accustomed to living with … Read more

Willingness | Myth-busting Schizophrenia

Myth-busting Schizophrenia

A type of mental health disorder we often hear about is schizophrenia. Despite many have heard of schizophrenia, it may not always be clear what this disorder entails and how it would look or feel like. There are a number … Read more

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