Willingness|<strong>What Makes an Intimate Relationship?</strong>

What Makes an Intimate Relationship?

When people think of intimacy, most are probably more familiar with physical and sexual intimacy. This kind of intimacy can include affectionate touching such as kissing, cuddling and hugging, as well as different forms of sexual activity. Physical intimacy is

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Willingness|Relationship Green Flags: What are They?

Relationship Green Flags: What are They?

We constantly hear about red flags in relationships, like when there is a lack of trust, co-dependency, or other unhealthy behaviours. But what about green flags? It is just as important to note that there can be green flags in

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Willingness|Am I Polyamorous?

Am I Polyamorous?

Relationship styles and structures come in various forms. Many people may not know this, because society only ever teaches us about finding ‘the one’ and that loving more than person romantically is wrong. However, the truth is that, like many

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Willingness|Online vs Offline Interactions

Online vs Offline Interactions

Undoubtedly, there is space and value in both online and offline interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the value of having the opportunity to connect through online means. At a time when physical proximity was  not an option, being

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Willingness|Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Many believe that they should work on their relationship with their partner when something happens, or when they go through a rough patch and start to argue more often. Relationships are not like a lifeless object, if a couple goes

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