Willingness|Am I Polyamorous?

Am I Polyamorous?

Relationship styles and structures come in various forms. Many people may not know this, because society only ever teaches us about finding ‘the one’ and that loving more than person romantically is wrong. However, the truth is that, like many

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Willingness|Online vs Offline Interactions

Online vs Offline Interactions

Undoubtedly, there is space and value in both online and offline interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the value of having the opportunity to connect through online means. At a time when physical proximity was  not an option, being

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Willingness|Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Building Anti-Fragile Relationships

Many believe that they should work on their relationship with their partner when something happens, or when they go through a rough patch and start to argue more often. Relationships are not like a lifeless object, if a couple goes

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Willingness|Can divorce be prevented?

Can divorce be prevented?

Divorce and separation have become more prevalent in our society in general. Not only has this become a more socially acceptable act between two partners, but its frequency is said to have increased as well around Europe. For example, if

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Willingness|How does perfectionism affect relationships?

How does perfectionism affect relationships?

Perfectionism is a personality trait that some may consider being a positive characteristic. Even though striving for the best can be good quality, harshly criticizing anything less than perfect can be harmful to the person. Perfectionism can cause negative effects

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