Whether you’ve been in a relationship before or this is your first. Here are five essential  factors for a happy relationship. 

1. Respect 

Respecting your partner does not only mean talking to them nicely in public but there  are many more things beyond that. Listening to your partner rather than wanting to cut  them off while they are saying their perspective is crucial in showing your respect for  your partner. In a healthy relationship, it is also important to respect your partner’s  choices and not make an attempt to persuade them to change their minds when they are certain about doing some things. It is okay if you do not understand everything your  partner does and everybody they interact with. You must trust them and be mindful of  their feelings, even in the oddest times. 

2. Communication 

Yes, it is true that “communication is key” for a healthy relationship, and there is a reason  behind it. Good communication between you and your partner can problem-solve  issues easier. When starting a relationship, it is important to be able to talk to your  partner about what exactly you want from them. Opening up to your partner on things  that are bothering you, giving compliments to each other or expressing feelings also  shows improvement in a relationship. Thus, finding a communication balance and  settling on things you are both comfortable with is a major key to a healthy relationship. 

3. Support 

In life, there are times when we all go vulnerable and want someone to be by our side to  hug us and tell us that everything will be alright. One of the best things in a healthy  relationship is to have the support of your partner and know that they have your back.  Having someone stick up for you in bad situations or having someone you can rely on,  or treating each other as equals shows immense mutual support. A supportive partner 

will encourage you to spend time with friends and family, work toward your personal  goals and have a life outside your relationship and desire that you get what is best for  you. 

4. Trust 

All healthy relationships require mutual trust. It takes time to build confidence in a  relationship, and when your partner completely trusts you and your feelings, make sure  that you do not break their trust. Doing things that make them jealous will surely not  lead you anywhere, and therefore, there is no point in inflicting your relationship with  such ideas. Affection, support, respect and communication will naturally strengthen your  trust in each other and contribute to bringing you closer one step at a time. 

5. Boundaries 

There are certain things in our life or, say, personal boundaries that make us feel good,  comfortable and safe. If your relationship is a healthy one, you must feel comfortable  sharing these boundaries with your partner and make sure they are respected. It is okay  if you only wish to hang out with them only 2 or 3 times a week, or if you wish to wait  before going intimate. All boundaries need to be talked out with your partner.  Remember that you shouldn’t feel nervous or scared to set personal boundaries in any  relationship. 

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Charlie Chen is studying psychology and is currently doing an internship with  Willingness. His research interests are existential approaches and affirmative therapy.


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