Being able to work out with your partner helps build strong bodies, as well as a strong relationship. The following are 6 reasons why this is true.

1. Positive influence

By training together, you would have a positive influence on one another. Staying in our training routine is usually the most difficult past. Thus, it is easier to stay in your training routine if you have your partner by your side. Your partner knows you well and no bad excuse will get you out of training with them or allow you to stop training. 

2. Quality time

Spending time exercising together ensures that you have genuine quality time with each other. With everything that we have to keep up with in life, sometimes it might be difficult to fit in some alone time with your partner. Thus, exercising together will make sure that you do spend this time alone and ensure that your relationship remains healthy. 

3. Achieve goals

When you start to achieve your fitness goals, these achievements will start to be celebrated with them rather than alone. Your partner knows how hard you worked to achieve your goal, and this will make them even more proud of you. As well as this, seeing your partner achieve their goals, will drive you to make sure that you keep striving to also achieve your own. 

4. Builds a connection

When you train with your partner, you help each other to lift weights while also starting to match their pace. These non-verbal actions are a way for your bodies to communicate with one another. Thus, this builds a connection and makes you more emotionally attuned to one another. 

5. Teamwork

Working out together helps you learn how to work better together as a team. This happens since you both have a common goal you want to reach which will only be possible if you work together. 

6. Increases happiness

Having this shared routine together will increase your satisfaction with your relationship, help you feel more supported, and also increase your overall happiness. 

Working out together allows you to share an experience like no other. This experience will make your relationship grow closer and stronger. While also allowing you both to appreciate each other more. 

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Mandy Brincat is a Gestalt psychotherapist who enjoys working therapeutically with adults on various issues, such as general mental health and wellbeing. She also has experience working with children with anxiety and day to day stressful problems.


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