‘Coming Home: The journey through internalized homophobia’, is another topic that was discussed from a variety of perspectives in ‘Ngħidu Kelma’. The definition of internalized homophobia generally refers to the internalization of society’s homophobic attitudes within a lesbian, gay, or bisexual persons. This seminar described the proves of ‘coming home’ as opposed to ‘coming out’, as a way to highlight the difficulties and challenges for individuals, families, and communities facing LGBTQ issues. Coming home is a process that evolves over time, requiring attention, dedication and awareness to face one’s own internalized beliefs surrounding sexuality, gender, desire, and stereotypes.

During the seminar, the aspects of internalized homophobia were discussed, supported attendees to become aware of their own process of internalized homophobia and discussed how healing can happen when these issues are unpacked and explored. The key speaker during this seminar was Mr Kevin McCann, whereby the issue of Internalized homophobia has been of a special interest to Mr Mc Cann, from a deeply personal, and also from professional perspective for over 30 years. He has taken his work internationally to address the issue of Internalized homophobia at several Gestalt and non-Gestalt Training Institutes around Europe.

Willingness | The Journey Through Internalized Homophobia | Ngħidu Kelma