In the series of ‘Nghidu Kelma’ events, a workshop was held on ‘Prostitution’. Nowadays, we can see the sex industry’s accessibility flourishing around us in many ways. Massages with happy endings are becoming commonplace. The rising availability of escorts is affecting the price per hour for the service. During this workshop, a number of questions were raised on the topic including: ‘Is this phenomenon affecting our perceptions of sex and women? Would getting sex-on-demand for 50 euros affect you or your perception?’. This workshop enabled professionals to reflect and explore the implications of this in their clinics and in the homes and relationships of the clients.

For this Nghidu Kelma event, the Willingness team felt it was natural to discuss prostitution, as the prevalence of males who use massage parlours and escort services, and are also Willingness service users. The main speaker in this event was Ms. Marie Claire Cauchi who is a Youth Worker with particular interest in young people and delinquency. In 2015, her research names “Behind Closed Doors: The Creation and Experience of the Female Prostitute” unravels the contingencies related to female prostitution in Malta. Another speaker present at the workshop was Ms. Joanne Farrugia, who discussed the health implciations and prevention when using sex services.

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