Personal training is getting more and more popular, with gym goers opting for this
personalised service. Plenty of gyms even provide this service as part of their brochure
now. Some say hiring one was the best decision they made when it comes to fitness,
while others claim it’s a waste of money. But how do I know what’s the best option for
me? Read on and we’ll tell you all about their function and advantages.

• Personalised service

More than a simple workout partner, personal trainers (PTs) provide you with unique
support. According to your particular needs, they will tailor a personalised workout plan.
Perhaps your goal is to improve your balance or you have a specific knee injury – PTs
take all this into account and create the best possible plan just for you.
They also motivate you to follow through with your workouts and help you manage any
difficulties you may encounter.

• External motivation

Some would argue the most difficult part of working out and keeping your exercise in
check is motivation. This is where personal training can make a big difference! PTs will
always have your back. They will make sure you are accountable for your health and
motivate you to keep going even when it’s hard.
They can also help you realise what your goals are and how to use those to feel
motivated. This may seem easy when you’re sitting on the couch planning your next gym
appointment. However, when the alarm rings and the drive fails, your PT will be there to
get you back on track.

• PTs as teachers

Sometimes neglected is the knowledge that these professionals have. To become a
personal trainer, you need to study and get your certification. Meaning they learn a lot
about body anatomy, exercise and physical injuries. This is important when dealing with

the client and understanding what they need. However, it also means that they have
many things to teach you. If you’re willing to learn, you can take these teachings into
your fitness journey even if you stop the service.

• Gym guide

Kick-starting your fitness journey can be quite hard. The gym may be a strange foreign
place with plenty of machines unknown to you and no idea what to do. If that is the case,
then personal training is the perfect option. They can introduce you to all the
equipment, and help you get familiarised with the environment. Above all, they can
assist you in gaining the confidence you need to have a great workout.

• The right one for me

So how do I find a personal trainer that is compatible with me? Simply test them out.
Some things are easy to decide beforehand – like would you rather your trainer is male
or female? Some others you’ll only know when you meet them in person – do you feel
comfortable around them? Are they friendly? Do you communicate well and do your
personalities and styles match? Sometimes it may not be a perfect fit, but there’s plenty
to choose from. Plus, finding a PT you get along with will make the whole experience
more enjoyable.

Personal training has plenty of advantages, some only even discoverable through
experience. But the best way to find out if it’s worth it is to try it out! Try to find some
near you, maybe at your local gym. This may come out a little expensive, but ultimately
you’re paying for a service you can’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, you’re
investing in your health and well-being.

If you’d like to have a consultation with a personal trainer, talk to us! You can book an appointment here.

Ana Dantas is in the last year of her Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Porto.
She is currently an intern at Willingness within the Health Clinic, with a special interest in
neuroscience and social psychology.

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