After breakups or in relationships we have different ways of coping – we might have an
impulse to throw away everything that reminds us of them, or else we might even tell
them “sex is off the table”, using sex as a weapon for revenge to get something
desirable from our partner, as a form of blackmail. Furthermore, revenge sex is a manner
of coping and dealing with a breakup/negative emotions.

What is the first thing coming to your mind when you think about the sentence: “Is sex a weapon for revenge?”

I asked this question to my friends, who have different backgrounds, and received
different answers from them. Responses varied, on what came to mind when they heard
‘revenge sex’, with some of them being: “I see it as cheating on my partner with
someone else because they cheated on me.”, “what I think is I am withholding sex from
my partner, because he pissed me off, or I cannot get what I want from them” or “I am
having sex with someone to feel the dominance over them and feel the power”. Apart
from this, revenge-related reasons also included statements such as ‘‘I wanted to get
even with someone,’’ ‘‘I wanted to make someone else jealous,’’ or ‘‘I wanted to even the
score with a cheating partner’’.

All the answers seem to fit the question “Is sex a weapon for revenge?” and answer it
perfectly. Of course, there are a lot more thoughts which will come to our minds when
we think about this question, but not all of them we can strengthen with science and

While looking into the description and definition of revenge sex, platforms give you
answers like – “random, meaningless hook-up merely to make the ex jealous”. Revenge
sex may also be used for other motives, such as the desire to make a former partner realise what they are missing, to show anger, to repay someone who cheated on you by cheating on them, or to use someone else because you feel used.

Revenge Sex: Advantages and Disadvantages

Of course, as with everything else, revenge sex can have its advantages and
disadvantages and we will try to explain and name them. Revenge sex might give you a
feeling of control and might help you to connect with your sex appeal and confidence,
resulting in a rush of dopamine and oxytocin. Negative effects come into play as when
we are planning a revengeful act, we are holding onto the negative emotions and
feelings, letting them control our actions and impulses. This stands in the way of getting
over the pain caused by a third person. Thus, through revenge, we might reach our
mission of hurting the other party, however, in the meantime, we would have hurt the
individual who the act was carried out with; leading to feelings of guilt and regret.

Of course, it is important to remember that advantages and disadvantages will vary
depending on the specific situation and does not mean that the list provided will fit in all

In conclusion, we can say that sex can be used as an act of revenge in many different
ways but there is some thought that would be important to keep in mind:

• Decide while sober – this will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages
of concrete action.
• Give the “rebound” person all information about your motives and plans, to give
them a choice if they want to be part of this or if it will cause them some
emotional damage.
• If you think negative emotions are taking over your actions, seek help from
professionals to help you to find healthy ways of coping and dealing with your

If you think that you can benefit from professional support on this issue you can reach
out here.

Elene Jashi is a 24 year old, student of Clinical, Social and Intercultural Psychology
Masters. Elene is also an Intern within the Sex clinic at Willingness with an interest in
positive psychology.


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